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juliana lingner

Hello! I'm Juliana,

  My lifelong dedication to horses began at the age of five, and it remains an unwavering passion that will never fade. Growing up in the horse culture of Long Island, New York, I chose LIU Post as my college to pursue a degree in physical therapy while also competing at the Division I level.

  Throughout my riding career, I've encountered numerous issues with the supplies we rely on for our horses. The market is saturated with products that deteriorate quickly due to weather conditions or poor-quality materials. Fortunately, these challenges have inspired Topline Equine to embark on a mission: to provide you with horse products made from the finest materials, ensuring durability and a show-ready experience every day.

  Operating in New York, with its distinct seasons, allows us to thoroughly test our products, whether locally manufactured or expertly sourced. Our dedication to quality and longevity sets us apart, ensuring that your investment in our products will endure and enhance your equestrian journey. Trust Topline Equine to provide you with reliable and enduring supplies, so you can focus on what you love most – your horses

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