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Cedar Shavings- The woody and earthy aroma of a freshly clean stall.

Rainy Days- A floral assortment of lily, hyacinth & wisteria thats uplifting and clean.

Lavender Fields – A soothing and calming medley of lavender, sage, patchoulli & rosemary.

Garland of Roses- Real red roses intermingled with splashes of sweet musk & smooth sandalwood. The perfect smell of victory.

Tack Trunk- Fresh smell of a brand new sandlwood tack trunk

Sleigh Ride- The natural & woody essence of fir and balsam trees on a snowy day sleigh ride.

Magnolia Fields-The delightful floral scent of a blooming magnolia trees

Moonlight Path – A deeply romantic fragrance with notes of pungent lavender, delicate rose, sweet musk, and woodsy oakmoss.

Sweet Lilac- The Fresh and clean fragrance of a blooming lilac bushes.

Macintosh Apple – The sweet and refreshing scent of mouthwatering Macintosh apples.

 Fresh Blankets- Nothing beats the smell of freshly cleaned blankets. Its a  fresh, clean linen scent with musky and floral undertones.

Mountain Breeze – A crisp aroma of the clean & fresh air on a mountain top with flowery undertones.

Handmade Equestrian Inspired Soy Candles

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