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Introducing HedgeHog Wings - the perfect addition to your horse jumps! With embossed molding that offers numerous jumping heights ranging from 5.9 in to 43.3 in, you can take your jumping to the next level. These wings are safe, lightweight, and versatile, making them perfect for any level of horse and rider. Available in a variety of different colours, HedgeHog Wings are the ultimate choice for equestrians looking to up their jumping game. Please note that poles are not included.


As a bonus with your purchase, you'll receive a downloadable "Jumping Basics" PDF packed with:

  • Exclusive deals and discounts
  • Membership to our private Facebook group, connecting you with like-minded equestrians who share your passion for Polyjumps.
  • Polework Exercises to enhance the horse's balance, agility, and muscle tone while refining the rider's communication and timing.

HedgeHog Wings | Pair

$695.00 Regular Price
$625.50Sale Price

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