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PolyJumps 9 Band Classic Poles have an internal core of thick plastic, giving our poles the strength to withstand kicks and knocks from your horse. The outer polyethelene sleeves (bands) are what give these poles their bright colors and are designed to retain their color if left out in the sun. PolyJump poles can be used by anyone and everyone due to their unique plastic construction, making it easy to change the height of your jump and move around.


More poles does not mean more shipping! Small inbetween bands come in white only

If you are interested in a variety of colors please contact us so we can send you an invoice

As a bonus with your purchase, you'll receive a downloadable "Jumping Basics" PDF packed with:

Exclusive deals and discounts

Membership to our private Facebook group, connecting you with like-minded equestrians who share your passion for Polyjumps.

Polework Exercises to enhance the horse's balance, agility, and muscle tone while refining the rider's communication and timing.

Classic Pole 9 Band (QTY of 4,6,8)

$760.00 Regular Price
$684.00Sale Price

    WEIGHT 12.1 LBS

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